Are you piling on the kilos faster than you are losing them? Are training programs on the web and social media not working out as spelt out?

Do you feel that as you’re growing older, the effort to lose weight is harder as you get along with your work/life?

Well, there’s no one full proof method of attaining sustained weight loss. It’s a combination of factors put together that include the following;

  • Fitness Goals. What are they? When do you undertake them? Where will you execute them from? For how long? More importantly Why are you doing them?. Taking account of them is critical in ensuring that you stay on course with your goals. What gets measured gets done.
  • Develop a balanced routine. Be it 30 minutes a day of work out or 3 days a week, ensure you have a strict routine you follow to allow your body to adjust to the new activity plans you’re going to take your body through.
  • Include a variety of activities in your routine. Everything from jogs, cardio, muscle and joint exercises. With regard to exercising, balance is everything. Avoid straining specific parts of your body at the expense of others.


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