Exercise and sleep in immunity

Exercise and sleep and both important in immunity. Here we discuss their roles is maintaining immunity and how to use both in maintaining a healthy body. Exercise Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. The evidence to show a correlation betwe


The Minerals for immunity

The mineral elements to help in boosting immunity include: Iron This mineral is present in all cells of the human body. Its functions include being a key component in hemoglobin that carries oxygen from lungs; it acts as a transport medium for electrons within cells, facilitating oxygen enzyme reactions.  Iron


Vitamins and the immunity

In this period more than any other period, we have been of the importance of a strong immunity. We have been also reminded of the importance of vitamins in supporting our natural immunity and the natural sources where to find them because good health ought not to be too expensive. Since the sources of these vitamins an

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