When the years go by

Youthful exuberance is associated with vigor and an all-round pleasing and aesthetic physical look. Ageing changes a lot of that in a plethora of less than appeasing ways; physical changes are less subtle as the outer skin layer thins even when the number of cell layers remains unchanged, melanocytes (Pigment-containin


The allure of good looks.

It’s not even remotely surprising that ancient Egyptians and Sumerians feature prominently when history of the use of cosmetics is discussed, and this was thousands of years ago; the use of cosmetics mirrored the tenets of a civilized society and also markers of accumulated wealth. And cosmetics went a long way in ru


Decorative cosmetics

Changes for the better are always welcome, and when it comes to better looks. It’s a no brainer for many. Insert cosmetics. Decorative cosmetic types are used to modify or enhance the area to which they are applied. These improve appearance and give a more appealing look. There are a host of such products on the mark

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