Even though the problem is multifaceted, the genuineness of worry and coalesced societal concern accorded to low sex libido will be higher than that accorded to hypersexual tendencies, this sort of attention places low sex libido high up in the hierarchy of reported sexual problems at the expense of what lies at the op


Erectile dysfunction

There is a machine, there is will power to work it and move it but it won’t move because certain things aren’t right and if you try to force it without correcting the deficiencies, you won’t make it that far and this will disappoint everyone but it will mostly disappoint and crush your ego as a man. This allegori


Premature ejaculation

During sex, the flow of events is pretty much straight forward because you’ll struggle to describe the act of one body thrusting into another in any sense of organized logic, one would say it’s not an enigma and it doesn’t call for use of euphemisms when describing sex. It would take great pains and too much deli

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