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“Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance- a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a man and a woman’s personality. Without it, there is something missing,” a quote made by Gianni Versace “Our choices in perfume are influenced by the image we want to portray” says S


The love for a fragrance can be purely subjective or be influenced by social trends, but it makes up for something that one finds a scent they love and associate with amidst the numerous scents, it’s like finding a piece of oneself.  There are two aspects that vividly augment the narrative of ambiguity in explaining



The marks of bourgeois attitudes and values can be defined by some unwritten laws. Some are markedly significant, and the others are as trivial as they come. Body fragrance is one of the unwritten laws. Ever since the amassing of wealth became a vital goal in asserting status and commanding respect in society throughou


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Relationships, good or bad, are in every imaginatively conceivable way definitive of the quality of life. It’s affixed in human nature that our sensual tendencies draw us to seek harmony and satisfaction with everything around us. Serenity, peace of mind, inner contentment and everything else that is good for mental


Nail care

With their insurmountable importance and unlike some popular narratives, nails deserve as much care as any other body part. On many occasions, nails have been neglected and this has affected general health, and also made fingers and toes less attractive than they should actually be. The nails are an interesting part an

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