What deodorant is best for you?

Finding the right Deodorant to use can be tedious!  It can be a Herculean task and many can attest to this. The trial and error process can waste finances on products that they aren’t compatible with or might not be fit for use.   For deodorants like it is for any other products consumed on the market scale, es



Deodorants have been classified as cosmetic, but in some jurisdictions where the rules on consumer protection are more stringent, Aluminum containing Antiperspirant deodorants remain over-the-counter (OTC) products with some level of scrutiny, like the FDA label that requires one to consult with a doctor before use in


Halting the sweat

Viagra, Penicillin, Plastic, the Microwave, Gunpowder, Vaseline, and Mauve. Quite an odd selection of items? Right? Yes. But wait for it…  Their discovery was a breakthrough whose advent was squarely a mistake or generally unintended as they became distracting detours for inventors in their quest to carry out the

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