Imagine working 30 days a month or 365 days a year without a break! The fatigue and mental drain this would have on you. The truth is even a machine needs routine servicing for maximum efficiency. It’s for the same reason taking a vacation is critical to maximizing your work output. Rested persons are more productive. Taking a vacation will reduce stress, help prevent burnout and strengthen personal relationships with family and close friends.

A vacation will shut off pressures of work and increase mindfulness and boost brain power. Your creativity and efficiency at work will increase. But most of all, you will enjoy what you do.



Have you heard of the saying ‘any goal without a plan is just a wish’? Well, the key to any successful vacation starts with good planning. Whereas there are many ways of having a perfect vacation, the following steps will help you achieve the vacation you’ve always dreamt of.

  1. First things first. Get your desired destination. Think of the feeling you want to get on your getaway. Generate ideas and make research until you narrow it down to a specific area. It could be the beach or safari tour, whatever makes you feel alive.
  2. Make a budget to cater for all expenses involved. It is important to include a budget for miscellaneous to cater for unexpected expenses. But most importantly, save otherwise this vacation could remain a wish.
  3. Consider family, friends or partner. Vacations are fun with great company.
  4. Plan out activities for the vacation.
  5. Make bookings for accommodation, travel tickets and have your travel documents processed prior if you need any.


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