Eating breakfast increases your metabolism, a term that describes all the chemical and physical processes in the body that convert or use energy. So, if you miss out breakfast your metabolism is going to be sluggish. Now that is why breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day.

Here are 2 ways to maximize your breakfast;

  1. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up so that you leave enough gap between lunch and supper.
  2. Eat right! NO fast foods nor cheap. Best go for high protein but low sugar to sustain more energy.


Why is journaling important for a successful day?

It is important to know that this life we hold, we can fail but we can learn and that leads us to a certain growth, call it success. When you fail you need to reflect and see where you went wrong then manifest. Journaling is one of the best ways we can manage to self-reflect and manifest upon our days.

When you awake, open your journal and pour out your feelings, your anticipated excitement and plans for the day. You will likely find nothing gets you off guard as most of what you did journal is a yes. For the unfortunate plans, continual journaling has been said to be therapeutic and able to inspire a creative side of you which will lead to successful days.

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