Generally, Sick days are hard days. The difficulty of having a sick child hits harder for the adult as some children may not be able to communicate the pain. So as a parent, there is having to give all attention by re-scheduling or cancelling schedules in order to figure out what the issue or cause may be.

Some instances are doctor visits and of course as a parent you make the call by following your instincts to whether it is serious or treat from the first aid box.

Here are some of the ways you can be of help to your child through their sick days;

  1. Pay close attention so that you can get to know the child’s changes as it may help you figure what the challenge is especially for a child who may not be able to communicate well.

Listen to the one that will actually communicate and offer as much help as necessary.


  1. Aerate their bedroom and give a pain killer like ibuprofen or paracetamol for high temperatures. Children do not usually suffer from bacterial infections but rather viral so keeping a painkiller referred by a pharmacist is a good first aid.


  1. Encourage lots of fluid intake. Usually when children are sick, they will request less of food and instead your attention and sleep. The love for food will be less or none at all so endeavor to get them to sip on some healthy juices little by little until they are ready for food again. Some children who already hate eating food will deny it completely so try all means to tempt them with the food as you spend time with them.


  1. Rest them up. No matter what you are treating the child for, resting will speed recovery so keep them from school or chores for some days. If they can play then limit play time until they feel better.

Some sicknesses may need exclusion so keep them from playing in the neighborhood to avoid infecting or reinfection.

Some with siblings can be given multivitamins to boost immunity.


  1. Take heart, be strong for your child no matter the age or what the sickness is. They will get better.

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