What to do for that special woman

We have some ideas on how to show your appreciation to the women in your life on their special day, and we’re happy to share. The ideas aren’t ironclad but they a miniature compass to help you safely navigate the fog of uncertainty, they are what you can build on to get that woman what she deserves on that special day; a day when everything has to stop for her, or a day set aside to appreciate how far women have come and how better they can get every passing day. Here are our hearty thoughts:

  • Pen down: Not the “pens down”, No! But pen down your feelings of love, gratitude to the amazing woman in your life on a paper pad, you’ll be surprised how much this seemingly simple gesture will do for her, and also it definitely doesn’t take much.
  • Go flowers: Its old age wisdom that flowers represent beauty and confer an unspoken hearty message unadulterated with words. You’ll do well to know that different flowers will convey specific messages to their recipients so do a little research on the many different ones to know which best represents the kind of message you want to communicate.
  • Perfume: This is a favorite to many. It may even be an all-time best gift by rank and acceptability. So pick out a scent that best speaks to her.
  • Photo frame: You can always pick out a photo frame that contains pictures that detail her achievements or even pictures of the days she inspired you.
  • Get her out of the house: Get her to a place she’s always loved to go for a lunch/dinner And if you could spice things up, even better, say if a person she has always looked up to is within reach, then go the extra mile to surprise her.
  • Gym membership: You want her to look fine without appearing snobbish or sending the wrong message. Get her that membership from a cool gym she has always talked about, though you need to weigh her interests prior to see if it’s something she would be interested in, just be discreet about it.
  • Spa month: Get her emotions on the positive throughout the month with a full paid spa care. A few of the details above play a part here too.
  • Hair care: Buy her a hair package that is intent to bring out the bounce and beauty of her hair.
  • Multivitamins: A simple discussion with a physician or dietician can clear doubts on what is appropriate to get here. It can help assess her bodily needs and make use of important multivitamins to show that you care for her health and vitality. Maybe the postpartum creams to ease stretch marks, multivitamins for hair and nail maintenance, or multivitamins for general vitality and ensure that she is still strong for you.

May you make her happy!


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