The woman that inspires you

Like a celebrated yearly ritual that excites us with glee, oftentimes, when the 8th of March happens, the attention is on women and the brightest of lights are shone on their achievements, traversing all spheres of life in contemporary history, focusing on how far they have come and how much needs to be done in the fight for women’s rights. We all remember the famous ones; right? The first female presidents of sovereign states may ring a few bells or even the famous Nobel laureates we revere for their insurmountable contributions in various disciplines where they have served, and then there are women running conglomerates employing thousands upon thousands, and then more curtailed, but nevertheless important women doing every bit possible to make the world better.

There are a plethora of women who have carved out their own vital space in an inherently patriarchal world. Such women, who constantly push the boundaries, cross the lines and achieve the ‘firsts’. Every generation of women, most notably from the time of the Women’s suffrage has held and passed the torch of progressive rights, inclusiveness and equality to the next generation, and it has all culminated into a world, and the positive cycle has continued more robustly than ever before. And on the 8th of March, Every ounce of achievement overtime comes to fore; from the conspicuous to the subtle, with every woman deserving of a mention on the special day.

As an infallible truth, we all know at least one woman in our lives that has been a breath of fresh air, a woman whose role could not be overlooked. The protection, love and care they provide as mothers. The love, care and companionship they provide as partners. The sound counsel they provide as elder sisters. The guidance they provide as leaders at work places. The inspiration they evoke in others as visionaries. The blend of these interesting characteristics has made us better people for the most part, or even phenomenal people who go on and do the bigger things. Whatever the relation is with that woman, whether living or passed, it needs to be celebrated, and the 8th March presents the perfect opportunity.

Each year comes with a theme of its own and this year’s theme is Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow, seeking to recognize the contributions of women around the world who are leading the climate change adaptation, mitigation and response to build a more sustainable future for all.

We seek to show a world free of biases, stereotypes, discrimination and welcome a world where difference is celebrated. With every 8th march, remember a woman in your life that has made an impact and celebrate them.

Happy Women’s day

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