The Minerals for immunity

The mineral elements to help in boosting immunity include:

  1. Iron

This mineral is present in all cells of the human body. Its functions include being a key component in hemoglobin that carries oxygen from lungs; it acts as a transport medium for electrons within cells, facilitating oxygen enzyme reactions.  Iron deficiency is fatal.

Sources of iron include liver, red meat, beans, nuts.

  1. Selenium

This is an essential micronutrient in humans and so is toxic in large amounts. It is a component of some amino acids and a cofactor of glutathione peroxidases. The selenoproteins (Amino acids) assist in thyroid function, it’s also known to have a cognitive function and also help the body to handle oxidative stress.  Selenium deficiency usually occurs in those with impaired intestinal function, those undergoing total parenteral nutrition, and also in advanced ages.

Sources of selenium include: Cereals, meat, mushrooms, fish and eggs.

  1. Zinc

This microelement mineral helps to heal wounds and also support normal growth. A deficiency of Zinc leads to susceptibility to disease. It regulates functions of the immune system by activating the T lymphocytes that control and regulate immune functions. Zinc is also a popular treatment for common cold; some studies show that it reduces duration of the common cold.

Sources of Zinc include: Red meat, Poultry Oysters Whole grains, Beans and nuts

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