The love month

Rummaging through February’s dress-up box, almost certainly, and with prolific consistency you’ll find two things; romance and food, and also, some of the February’s other important considerations are Women’s history and Black history which may fall into the fray. But Romance and Food scream loudest. February is the shortest month of the year, but is one full of chocolate and roses. Romance, a seemingly abstract idea from the offing is undoubtedly the bedrock for relationships, familial or otherwise. Relationships that are birthed, fostered, nourished and celebrated in the month.

Relationships are most certainly an important aspect of life. It’s known that more socially connected individuals are happier, healthier, and live longer. Importantly, they suffer fewer mental health problems than those that are less connected because a loving relationship is generally protective against poor mental health.  So it is in the interest of all involved to ensure that relations are nourished, reassessed and better, and no month provides better chances for action like February.

Some of the ways to keep the flame in the relationship romantic or otherwise include:


Gifts are evocative in many ways, they show those around you that you most certainly care for them. As the proverbial saying goes, you love them not only in word but also in deed. Gift ideas shouldn’t be troublesome and they ought to now blow the cover off one’s anxiety, and so as a kind gesture you’ll thank us for later; we’ll ease your way through your most probable gift options.

  1. Hand and foot creams made of Shea butter, essential oils and beeswax can remind her to take time and self-care.
  2. An aromatherapy Diffuser and essential oil set for a memorable experience.
  3. Body sprays, most notably with notes of eucalyptus, lotus bottom, and patchouli to promote the chill vibe in the month.
  4. Moisturizing body oils also show love.
  5. A soak bath formula to lie in after a long tiring day will most certainly come in handy.
  6. And sometimes, the most special of the bunch lurks in the special fragrances that work wonders and improve the romantic experience.

Don’t forget self-love: It’s been said most times but that truth wouldn’t be further off from the fact that you can only love better if you love yourself enough. Most certainly, relationships involve two people determined to make it work, but independence matters too, to love better the two need to firstly love and value themselves. So maybe, you could still pick up that lovely gift in pairs and while you wrap your lover’s gift, you’ll whisper in a hushed tone under your breath say, ‘This is mine to enjoy’

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