It is said that people fear what they do not know… vaccination is one of them, so much that there are myths accompanied. In case you were among the one’s taken up by the fears here is an article to rile that fear away.

Vaccination is when there is a use of a vaccine to impart body immunity against a disease. These vaccines come in forms like injectable which is also the commonest and then the edible vaccines. Once the body receives the vaccine, it will gain the power to fight a disease on its own. The rest of what you hear such as;

Vaccines lead to other diseases.

Vaccines are made to prevent not spread disease. Many have gained from the preventions such as polio, measles and chicken pox. The diseases said to have led y vaccines are diseases like autism. Though not so much is said to lead to autism this condition is led by something else completely.

Vaccines have toxic ingredients and lead to death.

Most of the ingredients seen or used on the vaccination labels are made from the things around us. If not then, they are made to suit our body because then that is the way our bodies will be able to fight against the disease.

Other children are immunized

Other children being immunized is good and yes, you should be happy about it however, your child too need to get the vaccination in order to get full immunity.

Our bodies are enough to fight disease.

Though every human body is made to fight for themselves, some may not be able to handle some diseases and that is not something you are going to know until the diseases has attached you. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Vaccines are made from wild animals/pigs

Vaccines have long term side effects

Vaccines are made and monitored greatly to make them suited for our bodies before they are actually brought to the doctors for issuance.

Vaccination is for the unfortunate/un religious parents

It is better to have your child vaccinated than leave them vulnerable because of your belief. This is not because faith is not valid, it is because some have faith and the faith is shaky.

So… Vaccines are made to help us, we are safe where there is a vaccine.


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