A time will come and gray hair will sprout. Quotes have been quoted, the bible speaks of it. Human aging process is gradual, it starts in our early adulthood.

Earlier changes will not be seen by plain eye as they will take place within. By age 25, the skin starts to lose its elasticity but visible signs will start to surface in the middle age. Because of advanced skin care routine, diet and better health seeking behavior, the middle age has since shifted form 35-45 years to 40-60 years.

Age comes with different feels. As a younger person, you look forward to a time you will mature to a level you have your own freedom, make your own decisions and others simply look forward to an age said to be beautiful. The older people worry of bodily malfunctions that start to manifest like gray hair, loss of some senses, memory loss, bone and muscle reduction and wrinkles.

Types of ageing;

  • Biological aging is the natural way the body physically changes over time like loss of skin elasticity and musculo-skeletal changes. Some biological changes can be brought about psychologically with stress causing organ failures.
  • Chronological is the common type of age known. It is the number of years lived on earth from birth. A day, month and year are marked so with each passing year a number is added.
  • Environmental aging is caused by dust, air pollution and sun. They cause the skin to become hyperpigmented, irritated which if not cared for it can make the skin look aged.
  • Social aging is based on other people’s expectations around you like structures, family, work and education. Social aging can also be portrayed by behavioral changes such as self-control and better decision making though when some expectations are not met depression and aggression sets in.

Different stages of aging.

  • The first is self-sufficiency where each is able to handle all things by themselves.
  • The interdependence stage where we require some assistance of some daily activities.
  • A dependent stage we cannot live on our own safely.
  • Extremely dependent stage because of older age issues like Alzheimer and dementia.
  • Lastly, the end of life. For some the end of life is sudden while others get to say their last good byes.

These stages are not given a period and may not apply to all as aging happens differently per person.

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