A father is the best support an expectant mother can have. Most times the word father is given to a man whose spouse has given birth to a child however, being a father needs to start at the very moment a spouse communicates the … I am pregnant news!

Not only do fathers play a big role through fathering but also providing a sense of security, confidence and self-control to the family all of which give the mother a better social stand. When the period of a pregnancy starts, fathers ought to double all efforts for the mother to be whether new mother or repeated mother by offering different kinds of care such as;

Psychological care

Acceptance of the pregnancy is the first step to taking care of your spouse. It can be done in different ways like small celebrations, couple revealing pregnancy to family members and friends.

Provide Hard cash. Pregnancy cravings are a real thing, it is the urgent urge to eat something. For a pregnant woman it will make them feel good and special in turn making her pregnancy experience a beautiful one. A pregnant woman having cash on them is vital in case of any emergence she will be able to handle situations until she is reached out to.

Improve your love language in pregnancy. There are different stages of pregnancy and these stages bring about a lot of different changes physically and psychologically. The mother to be may feel less attractive because of the added weight or feel tired or irritated suddenly for no reason. Some reassurances like I love you, you will make a good mother, pregnancy is looking good on you can elevate their mood.

Providing small sweet gifts like jewelry, often flowers and comfortable shoes or clothes.

Help them with dressing up like zipping or shoe ties.

Physical care

Though hard cash is mentioned above, as a father to be you need to be able to give endlessly and not limited. There is need to provide for other things like food, clothes and if the bills were shared then chip into one of her bills.

Attend antenatal visits with her. These antenatal visits are crucial as they teach the parents on how to care for the pregnancy as well as communicate on how to care for the pregnant spouse.

Attending antennal classes are as important as it will be about how to take care of the baby.

Join her physical activities or encourage her.

Remind her about her supplements and encourage her for when she feels fade up of swallowing daily.

Fatherhood is exciting as much as it is a big responsibility and performing it whole heartedly will not only yield you a good family but also make the world a better place. Be a man that makes the best father!

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