Self care in the love month

February is also known as ‘healthy relationships’ month; and as we have already re-echoed the importance of healthy relationships in fostering good mental health through nourishing relationships with family and friends, and loving others. But most importantly, Self-love and self-care are also themes that rhyme strongly in the month of love, so it’s possible to turn February into 28 days of self-care, it may have been one of your New Year’s resolutions but if it wasn’t, then it doesn’t hurt to add it on there. It would be the beginning of healthy habits to adopt throughout the year.

Some of the healthy habits of self-care you can learn include:

  1. Practicing mindfulness: Also known as the art of being present. The deliberate action has been known to improve mental well-being by reducing anxiety that may be brought on by thinking of the future events that steal the moments of today. Mindfulness makes one aware of their situation here and now and helps one live life one moment at a time and thereby improve the quality of life.
  2. Eating healthy: There are foods that are important for the body and mind. Choose them more often to improve your overall well-being. May include green leafy vegetables with Vit B complex, Fish and dark chocolate among others. In cases of malnourishment or low appetite concerns, you should be able to see your doctor.
  3. Exercising: This improves general mood and blood circulation if taken up as a habit. The serene mood can also improve the quality of the other relationships you have in life.
  4. Sleep well: Enough sleep ensures proper body functioning reduces stress and improves thinking. In case of trouble sleeping or when there is a chronic lack of sleep, you should be able to see your doctor on how to correct the situations
  5. Surrounding yourself with positive people: It is impossible to keep a positive mind in a negative group, so a deliberate decision to hang out with the right people should be made.
  6. Doing the things you love: This should improve mood, especially after a long day of tasks you may have found to be tedious on the work desk.
  7. Relishing your alone time: Sometimes referred to as ‘me’ time. It may help you foster other healthy habits, like positive affirmations and meditations.
  8. Stop comparisons: This is an unhealthy habit that may cause unbridled anxiety. It’s important to recognize one’s own ambitions without belittling them.
  9. Start journaling: Putting thoughts to paper is therapeutic in every sense of the word.
  10. Seek help: In a society where individuality may be encouraged, it can be important to seek help in areas that you know you may need it.

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