Safety!! The most profound concern for skincare products. Sadly, we can’t say all skin lightening products have an outstanding safety record. Over the years, so many skincare products have been banned owing to safety concerns observed from their side effects, most notably hydroquinone and mercury.

There are plenty of safe alternatives, available in so many brands for use as lightening soaps, creams, lotions and serum. It is important you review components label of each cosmetic and have a brief read about the ingredients and their safety profile.  Some of the safe skin lightening components are listed below.

  • Vitamin C. This is utilized in so many skin lightening products since it’s the safest skin care active ingredient. Vitamin C has the added advantages of good anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, which leads to better skin tone.
  • Kojic Acid: This is a natural product, extracted from malted wheat or rice. Kojic acid works as a brightening and lightening agent by making the enzyme necessary for melanin production unavailable.
  • Alpha-arbutin. Extracted from the leaves of bearberry plant. Skin lightening role is utilized in composition of 1-2%. Mainly used in combination with other components for maximum results
  • This is perhaps the most popular skincare active for its wondrous activity. Also known as pro-vitamin B3, niacinamide will leave your skin looking bright. It also has good anti-oxidant activity.
  • This is a potent antioxidant, usually taken accompanied by one of the other skin lightening ingredients.
  • Glycolic acid. This works to brighten skin by removing melanin pigment and speeding up turnover of your skin cells.
  • This component has properties of reducing hyperpigmentation of skin as well as accelerating skin cell turn over.
  • Azelaic acid. Is a naturally occurring acid found in grains such as barley, wheat, and rye. It has remarkable skin lightening effects.


Before choosing a product to use for skin lightening, always do some research. You can also consult your cosmetologist/dermatologist for advice on the right product for you.

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