Silent yet true, the most dirt on our hands remains beyond eye gaze. Hand hygiene just like any other kind may lead to serious consequences if not maintained.  Most germs that cause serious infections in healthcare are spread by people’s actions like hugs, handshakes, and commonly touches.

During the course of a day, we touch a number of things—including soiled surfaces, gadgets, utensils, doorknobs, and handrails that harbor bacteria and viruses. These germs can enter our body when we touch our eyes, nose, and mouth without washing our hands.


Every patient is at risk of getting an infection while they are being treated for something else. Even healthcare providers are at risk of getting an infection while they are treating patients.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists have said that washing hands frequently can restrict the spread of covid-19. Not just this, proper handwashing can also prevent the spread of cold and flu among other viral diseases.
Just to drive the point home, here are the risks you are exposing yourself to and others by not washing your hands frequently:

To prevent diarrhoea, you should ensure that you wash your hands regularly. Poor hand hygiene can transmit campylobacter, which is the main reason behind food poisoning and gastro-enteritis (inflammation of the stomach and intestine).


Hepatitis A
This viral infection which may cause liver problems, jaundice, abdominal pain, fever, and fatigue is often spread through food which has been contaminated by people preparing it with unclean hands. You can avoid this disease to a large extent by washing your hands—and of course eating clean food and drinking clean water.


 Pink eye
Pink eye is one of the most annoying yet contagious infections that presents with itchy, tearing, swollen eyelids and redness of the conjunctiva you can get. The germs that cause pink eye end up on all sorts of surfaces where it can live for hours or even days. Washing hands helps get rid of the virus or bacteria even before it can spread.


Common cold
catching a cold makes you feel miserable and causes a lot of discomfort. Not washing your hands properly can also make you susceptible to the common cold!


The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly highlighted the importance of good hand hygiene.
You already knew this but here’s a gentle reminder, one of the most important things we need to do to win the battle against covid-19 is washing our hands frequently.


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