Relax and unwind.

There are numerous ways to relax and unwind. But there is a cherry on the pudding for some of the ways that intrinsically confer health benefits on top of the unwinding and relaxation. One of the ways is through massage, which is a form of bodywork, sometimes known as an alternative medicine in the broader context.

Often seen as a luxury for the affluent, massages were seen as services bundled within a vacation package, a spa special or one of the many things done at a wellness center. But this has not been entirely accurate as massages are increasingly noticed to be a catalyst for good health. Regular massages are no longer an activity done whenever there is free money but something done to improve general well-being, health, and also to alleviate or delay progression of chronic ailments as we will later highlight.

The health benefits of massages are numerous. They include and are not limited to the following roles:

  1. They help improve circulation: The pressure created by the massage technique can help move blood through the congested areas to areas that may be deficient in blood and hence improve overall perfusion and body function.
  2. Massages increase flexibility and strength: The parts that are worked during massage are muscles, connective tissue, tendons, Ligaments and joints. A regular massage improves range of motion and keeps the joints more fluid to make them less injury prone.
  3. Massages improve mood and alleviate anxiety and depression: Massages increase the secretion of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These reduce levels of stress hormones such as cortisol.
  4. Massages can lower blood pressure levels: The action of massage improves smooth muscle contractions of blood vessels and creates a pumping action allowing for relaxing and dilation to improve blood flow.
  5. Massage can help reduce stress levels: Stress in all its forms is bad, a state that puts a strain on our mental and physical faculties when the body releases unhealthy amounts of stress hormones, cortisol. The stress hormones disrupt sleep patterns and lead to a host of other conditions that lead to poor health.

Massage oils used during massages may provide their own benefits.

Massage oils include Aloe Vera massage oil, Chamomile oil, Orchid oil, Lemon oil, Lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, Almond oil, Pepper oil and many others. Massage oils aid smooth movements of arms over body parts by reducing friction, but also have a range of other uses:

  1. They hydrate and treat the skin: Some have been found to have some action that eliminates skin scars, reduces stretch marks, treats eczema and many other ailments.
  2. Provide aromatherapy and essences  that promote certain sensations to help calm body or mood ailments
  3. Relieve pains and tensions

Now that you know. You can be sure to make use of any of the health benefits when you have a massage in this season.

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