On Labor Day, Family is mostly expectant of the good news of the little baby coming to join them. As a mother, the feeling is unexplainable until you’re holding the baby in your hands and as a dad, it’s hearing the first cry.

Well, it’s mixed feelings really and you ought to believe they all lead to joy. So, right before you bring the baby to the rest of the family and the world of course. Here are the things you need prepared.

  1. Support system. Most times a support system is built from the early months of your pregnancy. This could be from family members or friends. This support system will not only give you emotional and financial support but will be available to help out with any other errands like working on the hospital paperwork, the little exercises you will need to be doing as you wait for your actual labor time.
  2. You will need to have enough money or insurance to cover for labor. Insurance payment will need to have you provide an insurance card to which for some you may need to provide finger prints. There could also be other expenses that may arise so it is important to have more aside even if you are insured.
  3. Hospital kit also commonly called a mama kit. This may not apply in all hospitals as some hospitals have everything you will need medically ready while some will need you to go with them. Such things include medical gloves, delivery sheets, cotton wool, gauze, Jik and many others.
  4. Mother’s bag. This will keep all sorts of items that will lead to your comfort on that day or period in the hospital such as comfortable and loose clothes, underwear to which the disposables are most preferred, nursing bras, towels, foot wear, maternity pads, breast pads and toiletries.
  5. Baby’s bag. This will include the choice of clothes you will want to clothe your baby as soon they are born, diapers, baby wipes, baby receivers to keep the baby warm, baby bottles and your choice of baby’s first infant formula.

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