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  • September 10, 2020
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Relationships, good or bad, are in every imaginatively conceivable way definitive of the quality of life. It’s affixed in human nature that our sensual tendencies draw us to seek harmony and satisfaction with everything around us. Serenity, peace of mind, inner contentment and everything else that is good for mental health is essentially in sync with the relationships we perpetuate, with people, our surroundings and most importantly, though most often ignored a relationship with our very own selves.

Relationships extend to economics where they determine behaviors, people are more likely to associate with brands they share a cordial relationship with, and it’s these aspects of business that underline service and the desire to perpetually provide and keep up the best customer experience.

The most intentional way that C&A Pharmacy utilizes to cement a solid relationship with its esteemed clients is in running an active, all inclusive loyalty program for everyone that wishes to associate with the C&A brand.

The active loyalty program underlines our goals of perpetuating working and beneficial relationships with our clients. By monitoring and storing essential medical information which is retrievable at the request or permission of our clients, we retain the edge in the market by saving the very information on a service offered, this helps the C&A brand to fine-tune the rough edges that may surface in its service and also customize our service beyond the one-size fits all mentality. For our clients that need monthly refills for their prescriptions, we are a safe haven for clients’ records.  Discounts on every purchase made to make the experience even much less costly for our clients and the redeemable points earned to a client’s account that can be used for purchases made at C&A outlets.

The process of registering and receiving our loyalty card is remarkably easy, and only attracts a simple charge that opens the holder to a whole exciting spectrum of perks. It can be done in the comfort of your home by visiting our website via the internet, one can also easily access our website by scanning the QR codes present on our packing materials, then follow the prompts for our loyalty program.  For our clients that may easily access our pharmacies or maybe less tech-savvy, we have staff at our branches who can ably offer the necessary help needed  for you to carry out the process and also furnish you with all the necessary information you may need to know about our loyalty program.

The loyalty card is our most intentional way to communicate our desire to perpetuate mutually beneficial relationships and it is in this spirit that we show our commitment to providing our clients with an all-round experience with a brand with which they share a cordial and rewarding relationship.

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