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The ease of accessibility is a stalwart foundation for every offered service, and an efficient delivery system is the cherry on top to the ease of accessibility. Services that are available but not accessible are in hindsight a sort of mirage in the wholesome picture of effective service delivery. The access is usually underlined by the insistent narrowing of spaces in between the one who offers a good or service and one who receives the service in question. This goes a long way in improving many aspects of service delivery systems and achieving of the highest level of customer satisfaction i.e. bolstering customers’  personal relations and association with specific brands, easing the doing of business and utilizing the ever growing technological advancements which are a set of technological components that have the ability to provide businesses with capabilities to enable them to a lot of things such as diversify practices, holistically improve service delivery and enable the harmonization, evaluation and utilizing of solicited information to make befitting decisions on how to improve service delivery.

There are many instances that give rise to the need of offering an efficient delivery service system for the pharmaceutical supplies that are required by our clients. In the brick and motor form of business, where all transactions are handled when clients walk into a store, crowding and all its effects is commonplace. Crowding at a store can be a disadvantage in a number of ways which include but are not limited to increased delays as cues advance towards store tills, and the ease of spread of ambient infection causing microorganisms that may linger about in any crowded location. An efficient delivery service offered for pharmaceutical products will help mitigate or even completely eliminate crowding risks that may be present at stores.

In recent times, the world has witnessed the dawn of a new age of the novel Corona virus pandemic which has shaped service delivery in a number of ways, both positive and negative. The lock downs that have been enforced on many communities have greatly affected delivery of health services because these halted the movement of community health teams to communities and the movement of patients seeking health care as many health facilities are at a distance from the people. It was in this sort of peculiar situation that access to essential health services could only be extended to communities through efficient delivery service systems. And so it was important that C&A Pharmacy runs an efficient delivery service system to still maintain the highest level of service to its clients even in moments when they cannot physically access the stores.

The biggest concern that has been expressed in handling of delivery service systems that involve pharmaceutical supplies has largely been due fears of a drop in the level of service because of a lack of face to face interactions between health workers and patients. And it’s with this in mind that C&A ensures that effective communication lines are maintained between our health workers and clients seeking the service to ensure that the services offered mirror or are even better than those offered when clients physically walk into the pharmacy stores for the same services.

It is with this same spirit and mind that C&A Pharmacy handles its delivery service that aims to be all inclusive in satisfying the increasing community health care demands that presents themselves on a daily basis.

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