Nutrition in tough economic times

The hallmark of tough economic times is scarcity, not only for money but for food items too. High inflation rates translate into high commodity prices, low incomes and ultimately high cost of living. Governments, communities and families have a lot of cost cutting to do in order to be as frugal as possible. The outcome of such economic stress is often dire and encompasses mental health and physical health components. Unhealthy habits such as skipping meals and poorly balanced diet only act as fuel to drive down your immunity as well as your general wellbeing. This leaves your body exposed to infections without sufficient cover. Luckily, you have two options; plan your diet and supplement with multivitamins.

It is a common mistake to think that cutting back on food expenses means sacrificing good nutrition. You can be healthier by getting wiser about meal planning and shopping. Some of the ways you can stretch your budget while still making healthy choices are listed below.

  • Draw up your estimated spending on groceries and try as much as possible to keep your shopping within that budget. You need financial discipline.
  • Get some nutritional basics through the internet or talk to a dietician. This will help you develop a balanced diet plan. Incorporate fruits, whole grains and green leafy vegetables as a great source of vitamins and minerals. You may consider low-cost protein and carbohydrate sources to keep your budget intact.
  • Grocery list. Prior to shopping, draw up a list of items you need while keeping it priority based. This will take away the temptation of impulsive shopping.
  • Make it from scratch. Many prepackaged, canned or tinned foods are rich in fat, calories, sodium and cost. They may also be lower in vitamins and minerals. You pay more for the packaging and convenience but get less value for your money. Think smart
  • Eat at home. This will save you a few coins you can spend on your next meal.
  • Be prepared for travels. Bring healthy snacks and drinks with you when running errands. If hunger hits, you will not be likely to stop at a fast-food restaurant or buy a snack.

Food supplementation will have to be intentional especially if you are preoccupied with work stresses and not in a position to make those changes in your diet. Multivitamins and whole grain supplements are of great value in offering a rich and balanced nutrient source. Caution!! Do not self-medicate. Always consult medical personnel to get the best suit for you.

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