Nail care

With their insurmountable importance and unlike some popular narratives, nails deserve as much care as any other body part. On many occasions, nails have been neglected and this has affected general health, and also made fingers and toes less attractive than they should actually be. The nails are an interesting part and some facts known about nails are what we will look at as a preamble, the structure of nails is composed of a protein called keratin. The average growth of a nail is 0.1mm each day however the exact nail growth depends on various factors such as;

  1. Time of year (hot/summer),
  2. Age (younger group of people)
  3. Sex of an individual (males).

Finger nails always grow faster than the toe nails and finger nails on a right-handed person grow faster than those on the left and same goes to the left hander.

A nail starts to grow from the matrix, and as new cells grow in the matrix; the older cells are pushed out and compacted to take on a hardened form of the nail.

Healthy nails appear smooth with a consistent pinkish, and as it grows off the nail bed, it becomes a color white.

There are circumstances that will bring about change in the color or appearance of the nail, circumstances such as medical conditions and nail disorders. The change in color and appearance of nails can be used in combination with other signs and symptoms to diagnose different medical conditions.

How to take care of your nails                                                                 

  1. Nails are protective, never cut your nails close to the skin.
  2. Pay attention to diet as a lack of certain vitamins such as Biotin can lead to poor quality nails.
  3. Always use nail clippers and trim only after a bath as the nails are still soft.
  4. Nails are permeable to water so they need to be kept dry and clean at all times.
  5. Do not tear, bite or pull out hangnails for when it is hard to visit a nail technician purchase a portable nail kit.
  6. Often apply a hand cream emphasize massaging the nail and its surrounding.
  7. Apply protective layers to nails such as nail hardeners/nail treatments.
  8. Do not use nails to do things like picking/scratching on hard surfaces as the nails can chip, break or split causing entire nail weakness.
  9. Avoid drying products as they can cause brittle nails. For some unavoidable products immediately wash hands and apply a rich moisturizing hand cream.
  10. When using a nail file endeavor to use one direction motion other than a back and forth motion to avoid weakening the nails.
  11. Pay attention to the nails as any other part of the body. In case of a nail change in color, shape and growth find a doctor


There are aspects of nail health that are concerned with shaping of nails, and it’s these different nail shapes that we will discuss below.

Nail shapes

Each person is born with a different nail shape however as growth in age takes place, choices will be made according to the lives being lived like gender, life style, daily routines or need to change from natural nail form.

With the nail technology right now, shapes have come in unbelievably edgy forms from lipstick shape to stiletto shape inspired by a type of shoe. Many shapes available but what is the right shape for you and what shape would you choose?

  1. Round shape

A shape for a person who rarely visits the nail technician basically a shape that can be easy to maintain at home as it will break less. Any nail polish color can suit this type of shape of course according to skin color, clothes match or mood.

  1. Oval shape

A shape so feminine that can be medium or long but still ending in a semi-circle. It has got similarities with the almond shape. Medium to dark nail polish with a choice of additional shimmers suit this type of shape best.

  1. Square shape

A shape best for people who like to keep short and pretty nails. straight at the edges with squared tip that breaks less easily. Bright/bold to shinny nail polish will get your squared shapes outstanding.

  1. Ballerina shape

A shape new and trendy also called the coffin shape for the lovers of long nail shapes. Long and narrow with a square tip. This type of shape is high maintenance. Matte and neutral nail polish will get your ballerina shape outstanding.

With good hygiene, one can achieve nails that are clean and well-trimmed which in turn create beautiful and attractive fingers and toes.

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