Dietary supplementation is the addition of nutrients already made to provide nourishment to the body. The supplements are made as Vitamins, Minerals, Botanicals and Enzymes but in different shapes such as small swallowable rounded, oval or squared, most times colorful in forms of tablets and capsules. Sometimes these dietary supplements will be in form of powders, gummies or liquids.

Supplements have been around. They have become increasingly famous because of pandemics such as Covid and Ebola that recently hit us. Myths on supplementing rolled out and listed are some that you may have heard about;

Dietary supplements are a magical cure.

Despite supplements being good, they might not cure your disease condition. For example, persons with diabetes using a supplement that is labelled “diabetic formular” will not cure the diabetes. They may help you to better control your glucose levels and other symptoms. Another example, are persons who most times are fatigued; If the fatigue is caused by anemia, supplementing will help, however, if it is caused by usual tiredness the person will just need time to rest, spend quality time with relatives or friends for a better mood leading to better relaxation. This person will be advised to eat balanced diet to better their life as well.

Dietary supplements are safe.

Ohh yes, they are safe but not very safe. You will have to look up the best pharmaceutical companies for your supplements. This is because some will want to sell out and use enticing wordings that do not actually do as they say on their product literature while some will advertise different so as to catch attention.

Supplements are safe however, you as the consumer might get a supplement that is contradictory to your health because some of the supplements interact with some medications that you are taking. Always consult your care pharmacist for the best advice!

Dietary supplements are not regulated.

Myth. Not true at all! Supplements are regulated under the UNBS. Despite the fact that you might get some in your nearby supermarket, most of these supplements are in pharmacies where you will be fully guided on what you will need and why you will need it in case you have not passed by the doctor. `



Dietary supplements are needed by everyone.

Your identical twin is different from you in many other ways and one of those may be heath wise. So not everyone is the same.

A healthy person does not need to supplement unless they lack a certain nutrient in their diet because of various conditions like persons who are on diet or do not eat a certain food like meat or milk.

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