Centuries ago dark skin shades were viewed unpleasant. In some countries ugly and dirty is how it was viewed. Dark hardly made it to the spotlight. In the now century, change has come that most have started to embrace darker shades that even kids now play with dark shade dolls. The spotlight has darker skinned celebrities that are sending out quotes and making music like Sauti Sol’s melanin song to let us know that black is beautiful. Why skin changes are happening now are beyond other people’s views but personal such as impressing a spouse, impressing self, self-esteem issues, and simply admiration of a lighter skin shade. There is also a category who will do it because over time they realize a darker complexion and the cause to this is mostly the sun and some medications.

For whatever reason you find it fit for a change of your skin shade, you have to know the difference between these terms that are interchanged yet different;

Whitening: This term is a little different from the other one’s as it refers to Asian kind of skin. Asian complexion products will mostly have the word “whitening” in their literature because they whiten not lighten.

Brightening: when you decide to get a radiant or glowing complexion means you have preferred to brighten. Brightening products can be used by anybody who prefers to keep their complexion clearer without any kind of darkening which is also known as  hyperpigmentation.

Bleaching and lightening have similar results, changing from a darker shade to lighter shade. Difference is in the products you choose to use as they work differently. Bleaching products are rougher as they actually slough off the outer layer of the skin leaving it thin and susceptible to many dangers that even mere wind will leave you itchy and in the long run skin cancer. Bleaching results are fast but the future… frightful! That very reason led to a ban on bleach ants. However, most are fooled by untruthful beauty brands that hide product ingredients.

On the other hand, lightening products will inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme making it unable to produce extra melanin. Melanin is responsible for skin and eye color as well as protection. So, when skin is endangered melanin is rushed to produce more in lieu of fighting damage. Say you expose yourself to sunrays, more melanin will be produced leaving your skin with a darker tone. Though lighteners have side effects too, they can be subsidized when used with caution like choosing good brands that will contain extra moisturizers to put a stop to the dryness, contains sunscreens to prevent more sun issues and avoid using such lighteners in conjunction with medicinal creams that contain steroids or using them long term. Basically, get to know what you want to achieve and go for a brand that will deliver uncomplicated effectual results.

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