Gifting this season

Gifting is an old age tradition whose importance has never waned but only soared higher, gathering momentum because of a richer world; whose consumption of commodities is at an all-time high that we have begun counting the cost of consumerism and its effects. Gift sharing is a love language, the most important part of some relationships.

In gifting, it’s a public secret that the thought counts more than the gift itself and as the saying goes, truthfully, ‘do not look a gift horse in the mouth’.

And so even the most ridiculous gifts are accorded at least some modest praise because it all boils down to the thought. So gifting is a universal language many have learned to speak and are fluent in. From ‘Barbie the doll’ and ‘Superman pants’ to more sophisticated things that we only get to learn on the 5th of January that they are good for shaving the legs when we unwrap the gift, when all along we thought we received a washroom brush.

And it’s never about the price because even the affluent love the free gift bag they receive after they attend a function of an important friend, a scarf here, a perfume there, then lips stick here. At least if they aren’t going to use the gift, then they are glad to pass it on so that they don’t have to go through a departmental store on the 24th of December looking for gifts to give the house servants.

What gift is appropriate?

A Lot of thinking goes into gifts. Questions of what would the person want? What message is the gift giver trying to communicate? Would they love it? Firstly, it may come as a surprise for some but money is one of the most widely accepted gifts from those who seek to keep away from the anxiety of finding the right gift. Though it may not mean a lot for those who attach more sentiment to gift giving and would prefer something tangible that expresses the thoughtfulness of the giver. But money is a safe bet, only when there is little else to do.

But there are perfumes, body care products that could be given that one wouldn’t bother to go and pick up for themselves because they are lazy or because such products are relegated further down the list of important things.

As you find the right gifts to give your loved ones. We wish you happy holidays

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