Decorative cosmetics

Changes for the better are always welcome, and when it comes to better looks. It’s a no brainer for many. Insert cosmetics. Decorative cosmetic types are used to modify or enhance the area to which they are applied. These improve appearance and give a more appealing look. There are a host of such products on the market and we will review a select few. 

Besides achieving more aesthetic looks in the conventional way of clearing dirt and dead cells from body surfaces, the decorative cosmetics are helpful in improving general appearance, also improving quality of life in patients with disfiguring skin diseases or self-esteem problems that crop us due to skin blemishes whose concealment inspires the needed confidence. 

The products include:

  1. Primers: It’s the ideal canvas before any other products are applied on the face, as a preparatory product; it creates a transparent smooth layer over the skin to allow application of the other makeup products such as foundation, concealer or tinted moisturizer.  
  2. Concealer: Sometimes called color corrector is used to mask dark circles, age spots and any other blemishes. Its color should typically be the color of the user’s skin tone and is usually applied after the face has been primed.
  3. Foundation: It can be liquid or powder. This creates an even, uniform color to complexion that covers flaws and at times changes the natural skin tone. Concealer or Foundation first? Both are supposed to make the skin appear more uniform in color and the concealer can be used with or without foundation. The concealer is heavier than foundation so you should typically apply foundation first, and then follow with concealer on areas that need more coverage.
  4. Bronzer: This adds color to the skin and may contain substances to give the skin a shimmer effect.
  5. Nail polish: The liquid is used to color the finger nails and toe nails. 
  6. Lip products: These include Lipstick, Lip gloss, Lip liner and lip balms. They add color, texture and protection of lips. They also moisturize lips and define edges to give them a more appealing look. They are available in many colors. Some lip products are able to protect lips from UV light and are sold in a range of S.P.F (Sun protection factor) mostly 15.
  7. Face powder: These set foundation or concealer to give it a consistent finish.
  8. Mascara: These darken, thicken, lighten or enhance eye lashes using thick cream products applied with a spiral bristle mascara brush.
  9. False eyelashes: These add volume to normal eye lashes.
  10. Eye liner: These define eyes to give them an extended look when applied to create aesthetic effects.
  11. Eye shadow: These attract attention to the eye by making it standout and more attractive, different shades are used to attain this effect.
  12. Eye brows: These define brows
  13. Highlighter: As the name suggests, these are applied to high points of the face, eye brow, nose cheekbones to draw attention to them. Although the highlighter can be replaced by lighter toned foundation or concealer.

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