Common liver illnessess.

Your liver is the largest vital organ in your body doing for you essential tasks like filtering out poisons and turning food into energy every single day.

Failure of the liver to function can lead to poor health and death. The causes of liver issues can be trivial daily doings in one’s life such as over drinking alcohol, drinking less water, and eating fatty foods without any exercise.

Serious liver conditions can be caused by viral infections, immunity issues, hereditary illnesses and cancers. Each of these can affect the liver in a different way;

The viral liver illnesses

These are infections that inflame the liver for example the Hepatitis A, B and C. Hepatitis A is the least worrisome (caused by drinking contaminated water with fecal matter) as it will go away by itself within a period of 6 months without any harm left.

Hepatitis B is the easiest to contract through unprotected sex and blood contact. If not treated within 6months, it could lead to severe sickness or liver cancer. Good news is this Hepatitis has a vaccine. Go get yours for prevention!

Hepatitis C is caused by a blood contact just like hepatitis B. This has no cure/vaccine but regarded cured if undetected after 12hours of treatment.

Immunity liver illnesses

These come about when your immune system mistakenly attacks your liver such as the Auto immune hepatitis.  The most affected are girls and women.

Primary biliary cholangitis. This affects the tiny tubes in the liver that carry the bile that helps digest food. The bile backs up inside the liver and scars it.

Hereditary liver illnesses

These happen because of a genetic condition such as Wilson’s disease. A disease that will cause nerve and psychiatric problems as well as liver failure. This illness causes copper to build up in your liver and other organs.

Hemochromatosis is another hereditary illness that causes your body to store up too much of the iron from your food. When it is stored it then the extra iron builds up in the liver, heart and other organs.

Cancer liver illnesses

When abnormal cells multiply in the liver, the result will be tumors which may be cancerous or non-cancerous.

Though liver illnesses seem serious, it can be cured if known earlier. One of the best ways is to check out the symptoms and report as early as possible like water retention, jaundice, tender abdomen, dark urine and bruising easily.

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