A good morning!  A feeling to have when you wake up and to most people it truly is.

Mornings are meant to bring a bliss. But after you wake up the rest is sometimes random or not aligned. It is easy to forget one of the things you ought to have done at a particular time or even through the day. You ought to know that mornings are powerful, so embrace each wake and make a routine in order to pass through the rest of the day productively.

Each person is unique and that makes routines personal. Some like to wake up and immediately lay their bed, others will immediately reach for their toothbrush while others will stay put and day dream. Whichever you feel moves your life to a better place include it in your routine. Here are some steps to include in your routine so to make your day productive.



Make your bed. Well-made bed makes an organized bedroom. The first thing seen as someone enters a bedroom is the bed.

Brush your teeth. Dental hygiene is a priority many forget to talk about yet extremely vital. Brushing will not only lead to fresh breath but healthy gums and enamel.

Take a bath. A good morning with a top up of water on your body with a lightly scented lather will provide a boost of energy and vigor.

Dress up. Right clothes for a particular occasion not only earns you respect but gives you comfort and confidence.



Eat breakfast. Having breakfast leads to better focus through the day as it boosts your energy. The secret is to eat right.

Open windows and curtains. Letting some fresh air and some light in the house makes it have improved indoor air quality.

Do a physical exercise. A stretch, a run or a walk will help keep you physically fit.

Make a to-do list for the day. Listed things are 100% achievable than the unplanned.

Meditate. A lot of healing can be achieved with mediation for example anxiety, addictions, age related memory loss and also improve self-awareness.

Coaching call. Get some skills improved or learn something new from a professional through a morning call.

Lite reading. Read something of interest but sets good mood for the rest of the day.

A good morning routine will lead to a more effective and bright day!

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