Have you ever imagined a life without both kidneys? Probably not. With so many vital functions such as filtering out wastes and toxins from the body and regulating blood volume, it is quite unimaginable!

On average, your kidney will filter up to 144 litres of blood per day to produce up to 1.7 litres of urine. This will go on and on, day in and day out as long as the kidney is in perfect health. Unfortunately, this machine-like service declines over one’s life and the moment this happens, your health may take a drastic turn, for the worst! Kidney disease is a major public health concern as it goes undetected until it is very advanced. At this stage, it may already be too late and someone would need a transplant or dialysis.

Our daily habits such as what we eat or drink contributes to this turn of events. Most frequently however, diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and family history account for the biggest cases of kidney disease. To protect our kidneys from this monster, it is only logical to take these calculated measures and steps.

  1. Exercise regularly. Several studies have shown that exercise can improve kidney function. This also achieves a dual effect of minimizing chances of getting diabetes and high blood pressure. You can begin with simple aerobic exercises of about 30 minutes three times a week.
  2. Control weight. Obesity is a potent risk factor for the development of kidney disease. In obese individuals the kidneys have to work harder, filtering more blood than normal to meet the metabolic demands of increased body weight.
  1. Stay hydrated. Drinking sufficient levels of fluid on a daily basis is an important part of kidney health. Drinking plain water in particular, can have a potentially protective effect on kidney function.
  1. Follow a kidney-friendly diet low in sodium, cholesterol and fat, and instead focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy.
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Drink alcohol only in moderation
  4. Monitor cholesterol levels
  5. Get an annual physical checkup
  6. Know your family medical history

You can take the necessary steps to protect your kidneys and your health by making wise life choices and decisions. Start now, Act now!


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