5 Essential reasons to drink water

Water is an extremely important component of our diet. This is because it aids the proper functioning of major organs like the Brain, Digestive tract, Lungs, skin and Kidneys.

This explains why when you don’t drink water you feel thirsty, produce little or no urine, and eventually get persistent headaches, constipation, shortness in breath, fatigue and dull skin.

Did you know that the average recommended daily water intake is 3litres? This however, can vary from person to person depending on their underlying health conditions, daily activities and body weight.

Here are 5 functions of water for our bodies;

  • Improve Brain performance; Nutrients like glucose and vitamins reach the brain by means of water. Water circulation in the brain enable cell to cell communication.
  • Digestion: Water aids the smooth movement of food along the intestines, absorption of food nutrients from the digested food and prevents constipation.
  • Respiration: In order to take in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide, the lungs must be continually moistened with water.
  • Skin hydration and temperature regulation: Water keeps our skin refreshed and hydrated. This in turn keeps the skin elastic and free of wrinkles. The skin also regulates internal body temperature through sweating to avoid over-heating, a role entirely played by the presence of water.
  • Elimination of body waste. With the help of water, kidneys remove wastes from the body through urination. However, reduced water intake leads to a reduction in urine production followed by reduced waste elimination hence leading to accumulation of waste in the body and eventually leads to kidney disease.

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